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This event is being offered at a minimal cost to anyone interested in .NET development, registration is required to attend.  Click on the 'Register' button below to start the registration process.

Registration is $10 per person, free for students. Some scholarships are available for those impacted by the economic realities of living in Michigan right now - contact for more information.

Why charge $10 this year

Q: The last two West Michigan Day of .NET events were able to be offered free to all participants, why are things different this time?

A: Two reasons: costs/sponsorships, and commitment/accurate head count. While we do have some great sponsors this year (and more coming in), the total available funds is less than previous years. The Calvin College Computer Science Department has helped us with the venue, and other sponsors are providing books, software, and other giveaways, but there are costs involved with the conference.

Also, in past events there has sometimes been many left over pizzas, or other times food got tight. The $10 charge will cover food and setup expenses and will hopefully make the count of committed attendees more accurate. The goal is to end up with a $0 balance at the end of the day.

Students are free, some scholarships are available. If the only reason you can't attend is the cost, please contact us