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(October 20, 2007)

Jeff McWherter Blog:
Company: A.J. Boggs and Company
Bio: Jeff McWherter is the Director of Software Development at A.J. Boggs and Company in Okemos, MI. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science, and has twelve years of professional experience in software development. He is a founding member and current Program Director for the Greater Lansing Users for .NET ( He enjoys profiling code, applying design patterns, finding obscure namespaces, and long walks in the park. His lifelong interest in programming began with a Home Computing Magazine in 1983, which included an article about writing a game called Boa Alley in BASIC.

Dustin Campbell Blog:
Company: Developer Express Inc.
Bio: Dustin Campbell is a lead developer for the IDE tools division at Developer Express Inc. His responsibilities at Developer Express include much of the low-level plumbing of the award-winning CodeRush and Refactor! products. A regular speaker, Dustin is a noted authority in many advanced areas of the .NET Framework and tends to get “under the hood” in any area that he is learning. For his contributions to the community, Dustin was awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status by Microsoft in 2007.

James Bender Blog:
Company: Quick Solutions Inc.
Bio: For the past four years James has been a Project Engineer on the Solutions Team at Quick Solutions in Columbus OH. He has been in the computer industry for over 12 years, with the last six being focused on architecture and design of mid to Enterprise scale systems. In addition to his architecture duties he is often called upon to help teach and mentor others, QSI employees and client, in new techniques and technologies including Team Foundation Server, WCF, SOA and Service Factory.

Jim Holmes Blog:
Company: Quick Solutions Inc.
Bio: Jim Holmes is a Project Engineer with Quick Solutions. He is an aspiring crusty old fart who has two decades or so of experience in the IT domain scattered across a wide range of disciplines including telephone hotline support, network management, systems analysis, and software development. He’s the founder of the Dayton .NET Developers Group and has written regular columns for He’s also the co-author of “Windows Developer Power Tools,” from O’Reilly publications. In his spare time he can be found hiking with his family, roasting coffee, working in his rose garden, or trying to find a quiet corner in the house where he can take a nap.

Paul Kimmel Blog:
Company: SoftConcepts
Bio: Paul Kimmel is a five time MVP, columnist, and author or more than a dozen books with four on .NET and the author of the upcoming book LINQ Unleashed for C#. Paul is the co-founder, chairman and member director of the Greater Lansing Area .NET Users Group (GLUGNET) East Lansing and GLUGNET-Flint.

Dave Redding Blog:
Company: Quicken Loans
Bio: Dave Redding is a professional engineer currently working for Quicken Loans in Livonia MI. Dave is an experienced technologist who has spent time as a Network Engineer, Application Developer and Web developer. He enjoys exploring all facets of technology, from building home brew arcade cabinets and flight simulator cockpits, to tinkering in the game development arena. Typically you’ll find Dave either in his garage building one thing or another, or in front of the computer thinking about technology, even if that thinking is takes the form of playing video games. Occasionally he updates his blog at

Daniel Woolston Blog:
Company: Integrated Coding
Bio: Daniel Woolston is the president and senior developer for Integrated Coding of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work efforts have ranged from Fortune 500 enterprise application development to pattern-driven project implementations on various corporate levels. He has years of experience designing and distributing JavaScript/.NET components as well as numerous VB/VB .NET/C# development projects. Daniel is the author of Pro Ajax and the .NET 2.0 Platform and Foundations of BizTalk Server 2006, both published by Apress. He has spoken at various events on numerous topics, most recently at the West Michigan Day of .Net, where he covered the Ajax Control Toolkit and gave away Nerf. Check out Daniel’s site at

Joe Kunk Blog:
Company: Michigan House of Representatives
Bio: Joe Kunk is President of the Lansing user group (GLUGnet) and a .Net developer at the Michigan House of Representatives. Joe has written several commerical software products for the Mortgage industry as a principal in Listen IT Solutions, LLC.

Mark Miller Blog:
Company: Developer Express Inc.
Bio: Mark Miller is a C# MVP with strong expertise in decoupled design, plug-in architectures, and great UI. Mark is Chief Architect of the IDE Tools division at Developer Express, and is the visionary force behind productivity tools like CodeRush and Refactor!, as well as the DXCore extensibility layer for Visual Studio. Mark is a member of INETA and a popular speaker at conferences around the world and has been writing software for over two decades.

Elias Puurunen Blog:
Company: Independent
Bio: Elias Puurunen is a computer science student attending the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada. He spends most of his time tinkering with .NET related technologies, and is a general source of obscure knowledge.

David Truxall Blog:
Company: NuSoft Solutions
Bio: David Truxall is a Principal Consultant with NuSoft Solutions, a consulting firm based in Troy, MI. A frequent speaker and online contributor, Dr. Truxall has over ten years of development experience with Microsoft tools and software. He creates software for both client and server applications ranging from Microsoft Office and Smart Clients to web applications, web services and Windows services.

Joe Wirtley Blog:
Company: Independent Consultant
Bio: Joe Wirtley is an independent consultant with twenty years software development experience. He currently works as a .NET architect and developer on both smart client (WPF, WCF) and web (ASP.NET) applications. Before .NET, Joe worked extensively in Delphi and Clipper. He is a member of several user groups in the Cincinnati-Dayton, OH area and has done presentations at user group meetings, Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp, Day of .NET, and CodeMash. You can read his blog at and see his personal site at

Christopher Campbell Blog:
Company: Christopher Campbell
Bio: Chris is a Senior Consultant for NuSoft Solutions in NuSoft’s Business Intelligence practice. He has over 20 years of experience developing applications along with designing databases spanning multiple industries and many hardware and software platforms. Chris has been working with relational databases especially SQL Server since version 6.5.

Jesse Murray Blog:
Company: NuSoft Solutions
Bio: Jesse Murray is a Principal Consultant at NuSoft Solutions, with nine years of software development experience using Microsoft tools including Office System development, client server applications, we and windows services, smart clients and the Microsoft collaboration stack. Previous speaking engagements include CodeMash 2007 and various Microsoft DevCares. Jesse is also a member of the Microsoft Delta Force Ranger community.

Dan Hibbitts Blog:
Company: Target Your Hand
Bio: Dan Hibbitts is the principal consultant at Target Your Hand which provides solutions for Smart Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Web and Database Management systems. Dan has over 20 years of software development experience and has been an advocate for mobile technology for over 10 years.

Chris Woodruff Blog:
Company: NuSoft Solutions
Bio: Chris Woodruff is an Architect in the Development West Practice group at NuSoft Solutions. His work involves integrating new technologies, assisting development teams with architecture designs, and helping with development standards. Chris is the VP of the West Michigan .NET User Group and also is a Advisory Council Member at Capella University for the External Information Technology Advisory Council. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at Michigan State University. In his spare time, Chris coaches his sons sporting teams and plays poker.

Curtis Gray Blog:
Bio: Curtis Gray has been writing software since age 12 when his Mom bought him a CoCo. He has written video games, video streaming software, and distributed applications professionally for 17 years. After writing C++ for several years, he discovered C#, the CLR, and the .Net Framework, and never looked back.

Josh Holmes Blog:
Company: Microsoft
Bio: Josh Holmes is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft last October, Josh was a consultant working with a variety of clients ranging from large Fortune 500 firms to smaller sized companies. Josh is a frequent speaker and lead panelist at national and international software development conferences focusing on emerging technologies, software design and development with an emphasis on mobility and RIA (Rich Internet Applications). Community focused, Josh has founded and/or run many technology organizations from the Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group to the Ann Arbor Computer Society and was on the forming committee for CodeMash. You can contact Josh through his blog at

Aydin Akcasu Blog:
Company: A Vision, Inc.
Bio: Aydin Akcasu is the founder of A Vision, Inc ( He has over 20 years of experience, and provides innovative solutions using technologies such as Java, JavaScript, ASP, Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#.Net, ASP.Net, Flash, XML, XSL. He has given presentations and classes in the past to local groups (as well as in India) in topics such as ‘Help, I need to learn Javascript’, ‘Cover you ASP’, ‘VB- What is it good for?’, ‘FLASH-in-the-Pants?’, ‘C#, ASP.Net on a Budget’, ‘Introduction to ‘C#.Net’, ‘AJAX – A What’, ‘Google Maps API-Wheres’Waldo?’ He is also a part time instructor at Washtenaw Community College ( ) (C#.Net, Advanced C#.Net).